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Find your fitness wear style out of
common brands, top brands like Athletics Wear of Colombia
& Anarchy Apparel of Sweden.

Non-slipping, stretchable sports leggings, high freedom
of movement and the best shape feeling due to improved
skin friendly certified compression fabrics.


Be beautiful in Athletics Wear
sports dresses & Anarchy Apparel

compression leggings.




Popular Brands



Athletics Wear has beautiful styles
from the giorgious Medellin, Colombia.
The designs of Anarchy Apparel  are inspired
by the nordic nature, of Sweden.



Used in more sports


z.B. Aerobic, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Beach Volleyball, Cheerleading, Cross Fit, Krav Maga, Kangoojumps, Walking, Pilates, Pole Dance, Trampoline, Stretching, Yoga, Zumba, Gym, ...



 my Sports Paradise Shop - why?







More than 5 years international market experience.
Individual customer service on request.
Already over 3,000 satisfied customers.
Top reviews in our Ebay shop.


my Sports Paradise
Fitness Wear Gummersbach

©Kai Czerwinski / Joachim Böhme

"Our utmost goal is to satisfy the growing demand
for individual active wear solutions.
The healthy lifestyle is more and ore upcoming
and needs regular body workouts or cardio training like jogging".

We like working out most effective
if we feel ourselves comofrtable.

As every human being has a different body shape
by nature,  it is often hard to find the ideal active wear
s there often are small parts that can be improved.

Athletics Wear is producing sports styles
with the aim to support all women and men
having such "small challenges".

High compression fabrics are the reason
for the best possible fitting feeling.
Skin friendly certified fabrics make
Athletics Wear complete.


Awards & Partners



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