Dr. Samira Samii

Dr. Samira Samii

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Dr. Samira Samii (Samiee)

Sympathy meets an ambitious, firendly & humorous power woman.
These are only a few reasons for those Dr. Samira Samii is so popular with her colleagues, in a business area that is still dominated by men.

my Sports Paradise is honoring the professional business cooperation
with Madam Dr. Samira Samii and her team.

EVERYBODY who is interested in


  • Charity

  • Sport (profi soccer)

  • haute couture

  • Medicine


is as well interested in Madam Dr. Samira Samii.

Dr. Samira Samii is cosmopolitan and already lived at many different places in the world.
She was born in "Persia" and has grown up in France and Canada.

Different tasks within the international management-functions  the same as her
Business-Know-How in her own successful established companies,
draw her continously growing in business leadership.


By establishing her own sport-management-agency she created herself a foundation for a global & successful business cooperation with various companies out of different business sectors, profi athletes, top established international teams and associations. Within the past years Madam Dr. Samira Samii created herself a well known international name by the fruits of her work - capability & success.

You are curious and want to know the teams with whose Dr. Samira Samii is working with?
Just click the link an
and check out her web presentation

Dr. Samira Samii has been nominated and selected as
best sport- and marketing-manager in the gul region and the same time has been voted
as woman of the year

Always up to date!

Follow Dr. Samira Samii on Instagram - @samirasamii_official_page


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Dr. Samira Samii auf Instagram

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