Athletics Wear

Athletics Wear


Athletics Wear Leggings 
more than sports wear.
Fits as a second skin to your body.

Athletics Wear sports wear

Sport bras & Croptops

Athletics Wear croptops
your psorty upper wear

Athletics Wear - always the right choice for top fashion


Athletics Wear Shorts

  • for effective workouts
  • Jogger
  • Fans of short pants

KaCzerwi - my Sports Paradise
Style your Lifestyle

fitness dresses

fitness dresses

Women sports dresses + integrated shorts.

Fitness dresses for tennis,dancing & cheerleading.
As well as summer or holiday dress.

Sport jacket

Sports jacket of Athletics Wear®

Ideal for:

  • before the training
  • after the workout
  • as free time wear

Athleisure wear for you.


Athletics Wear sports overalls

  • sports jumpsuit
  • modern
  • stretchable
  • comfortable

sports support


Athletics Wear  tops & shirts

  • top designs
  • öko-certified fabrics
  • breathable

YOUR support for the upper body training.


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